Someone please snapchat me! I want to start talking to this ass hole again. I need a distraction! Please!!!


Sorry for being MIA whats new?????

my-rubbersoul asked: so i was going through my likes and i found a post of yours from before this season aired (obviously i agreed cause it was in my likes) about your dislike of emma roberts and your wariness of her being in the show. how did you end up feeling about her? because lemme tell you... i think i like her less now than i did before the season started. (ps. yours is the only auto-play i don't pause!)

Haha thank you sorry I havent been on lately. Ummm I really don’t like her still. shes better at comedies (just to be nice) She made herself look stupid in AHS. I seriously do not enjoy her and i believe she made this season a really bad season :(

americanhorrorstoryforreal asked: Follow back?


lucas-the-toastmaster asked: i do think the final could of had so much more than it did. although they did a good job i just feel it was a bit of an anti-climax

Thats exactly what I thought!

What episode was the hint supposed to be in?